Interlock Frequently Asked Questions

There are some major questions surrounding DUI’s and DWI’s in Arizona. Interlock questions can be confusing. If you have a question you would like to see on here, please email it to us.  Interlocks can be aggravating, and as Arizona’s most affordable and reliable interlock shop, we are always working to make the process as efficient as possible. We are here to serve Arizona and help get its safe motorists back on the road. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona but service the greater Arizona Valley!

What is an Alcohol Interlock?

An Alcohol Interlock is a breath alcohol tester that is connected with the starting mechanism to inhibit the operation of a vehicle if the drive’s breath alcohol content (BAC) is over a preset limit. Before the vehicle can be started, the driver first must exhale into the Ignition Interlock. If the interlock detects alcohol on the breath, the engine will not start.

How does an Alcohol interlock work?

Before starting the vehicle the driver must provide a proper breath sample. If the BAC is below the set point the vehicle may be started. While operating the vehicle the alcohol interlock will request a test on a random time basis. And the driver must provide additional breath samples. The BAC results and other relevant data are stored in memory for later retrieval and reporting.

Who needs an Alcohol Interlock?

All persons who are convicted of a first or subsequent DUI offense will be required to install a certified alcohol interlock in any vehicle they drive as a condition of license restrictions or restoration for a minimum period of 12 month and up to the length of their restriction. Arizona Law mandates use of an interlock. We help get you back on the road again as soon as possible. If you have been charged with a DUI you have a 30 day period to have one installed, Let us help get you legal for less. If ordered by court to install an Ignition Interlock device, contact us today by phone or email.

Who Pays for an Alcohol interlock?

Participants are responsible for all installation and maintenance costs. when you call a representative the representative will provide details of the fees and answer any questions about the service. Contact us today via phone or email.

How do I get an Alcohol interlock installed in my vehicle?

Arizona interlocks will make the entire process as simple as possible. Your alcohol interlock can be installed while you wait. In addition, you will receive full training on-site to ensure that you are fully satisfied before you leave.